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There’s no reason you can’t be the same kind of grab-life-by-the-balls guy you were in your 20s but EVEN BETTER! The Testosterone Transformation is an all-natural plan to get back on top through Nutrition, Exercise, and Healthy Lifestyle changes—The T-3 Program!
T-1 Power Nutrition
Expedite muscle growth with the optimal mix of macronutrients: proteins, fat, and carbohydrates. Eliminate foods that boost female hormones and prime your immune system. With the healthiest vegetables and fruits known to man.

Forget about "breakfast," "lunch," and "dinner." Here's a smarter way to eat that can help you build muscle and boost testosterone.

On this plan, you'll FEED your muscles regularly, eating 8 small but nutrient-packed mini-meals a day instead of just 3. You'll never go hungry and you'll discover how to ...


Keep blood sugar levels stable
to avoid insulin spikes that can lead to fat storage
Discover the best sources for muscle-building protein. Best of all, you'll eat delicious “guy foods” like hamburgers, grilled steak, and chili!  
Avoid dips in energy so you feel alert and on top of your game all day long
Boost your metabolism to burn more calories — even while you sleep!
Absorb more T-boosting amino acids for tissue repair and growth
Deliver the energy and key nutrients you need for higher-intensity workouts!
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T-2 Intense, Unorthodox Exercise
The T-Transformation workouts are like none you've ever done before. That's why they work miracles on your body and kick your growth hormones into high gear!

Harness the muscle-building, fat-burning secrets of elite athletes — with a workout that kicks your growth hormones into high gear!

Testosterone Transformation doesn't rely on tired old principles of strength training. Instead, world-record-holding power lifter and trainer Josh Bryant gets you to try new, unconventional approaches that ...

Equalize your muscles, so you can handle heavier weights
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Shore up your core, to lift even more
Train your "forgotten" muscles — to prevent injury and train harder
Turbocharge your body's natural testosterone levels — for explosive muscle growth!

Starting with the very first workout, you'll train your body at the right intensity, using the perfect combination of multijoint, multimuscle moves. You’ll apply the best rep, set, and rest principles to evoke the greatest testosterone response.

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T-3 Lifestyle Overhaul
How much sleep you get, how you deal with stress, even what types of shampoos and soaps you use all can affect your testosterone levels in dramatic ways. Our lifestyle turnaround will turbocharge your body's natural tendency to secrete more testosterone.

Dodge the everyday hazards that rob your body of testosterone with Testosterone Transformation. You'll learn how to maximize every minute of every day. So everything you do helps you build a fitter body and a healthier life.
What's Sapping Your T?

Do you have any of these signs of low testosterone?

  Are you seeing diminished results from your workouts?

  Do you find yourself unable to complete several workouts in a row?

  Are you experiencing any joint pain?

  Do you ever feel lethargic, irritable, or drained?

  Have you gained any weight, especially around your belly?

  Are your erections as big and firm as you want?

  Are you finding it more difficult to get and stay in shape?

  Do you have less desire to exercise?  
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Testosterone turns her on! Men with the highest T-levels are more assertive, take more control of the conversation, and generally “click” better with females, according to a recent university study.
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A sneaky trick you can do in the middle of the afternoon to give yourself a surge of
testosterone. (Hint: It's not sex, food, or
exercise.) See chapter 15.

The 3 biggest testosterone "bombs" that
rob you of muscle-building T. And they're all
lurking right in your home. See chapter 15.

The 7 best T-boosting nutritional
that can turbocharge the results you're already getting from Testosterone Transformation. See chapter 17.

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Get your 21-day free-preview copy of Testosterone Transformation plus a FREE GIFT! CLICK HERE!
Get your 21-day free-preview copy of Testosterone Transformation plus a FREE GIFT! CLICK HERE!
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